‘Square’ rollers reduce tyre wear at mines around the world

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 30 Apr 2012   Posted by admin

FOR decades, the Broons ‘square’ Impact Roller has been improving the running surface on haul roads, tip heads and pit floors, resulting in reduced haul truck tyre wear at mine sites around the
world. Large or sharp rocks can slicethrough and critically damage even a brand new tyre, while smaller rocks can lodge between the lugs and eventually penetrate and cause punctures.
By turning rocks into rubble, the roller can improve a mine’s tyre management regime, simultaneously reducing mechanical wear and tear on haul truck suspension and associated components while delivering lower maintenance requirements and a reduction in spare parts costs.
Towed by a 270 horsepower to 330hp tractor, the 1.3m-wide 8t (BH-1300MS) and 1.95m-wide 12t (BH-1950MS) modules quickly reduce the large and sharp-edged rocks, allowing haul trucks to travel easily without the fear of tyre damage.
The cost of a Broons ‘square’ Impact Roller can be rapidly recouped by mining companies, through the savings made from improved tyre wear and reduced damage to haul trucks and their tyres.

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