A culture of innovation, quality and service continues to drive phenomenal growth

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 12 Jun 2013   Posted by admin

By adopting the concept of “Safety. Solution. Service. Simple.” and fostering a culture of innovation and engineered solutions, scaffolding and formwork equipment specialist Uni-span has firmly planted itself at the top of its field since commencing operations in 2002. Uni-span’s fundamental understanding of site-specific requirements, construction principles, compliance and commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that the company is ideally placed to meet all industry conditions.

The company works within the Australian civil, infrastructure, mining, energy and industrial sectors, concentrating on the engineering, hire and sale of scaffolding and formwork equipment. The company operates nationwide, with rental yards and offices in Yatala, Townville, Gladstone and Rockhampton.

Boasting an experienced in-house team of engineers and designers, Uni-span supplies quality, cost-effective and efficient scaffolding and formwork solutions for a range of clients. Innovative products such as Uni-mesh – the company’s patented containment system – as well as services such as Uni-span’s on-site iPhone application BizSync, ensures that its clients’ needs are provided for in the best possible way. Uni-span Formwork Solutions, a division of the Uni-span Group, is Australia’s exclusive distributor of ULMA Formwork Systems and provides these solutions on both a hire and sale basis.

Recently, Uni-span was approached to offer its expertise on the construction of the coal conveyor tunnels – each measuring 950m in length – for the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET). Upon completion, the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) at Golding Point will form part of the existing Port of Gladstone, and is expected to provide a valuable boost to existing and future coal export capacity for Queensland’s coal producers in the Bowen and Surat Basins. This $2.5 billion project will provide more than 800 jobs on site and employ approximately 120 workers during operation. Once fully commissioned, the export terminal would effectively double coal export capacity at the Port of Gladstone, exporting 80 million tonnes per annum.

For Uni-Span, many factors in the construction of the coal conveyor tunnels needed to be considered, including waterproofing integrity, changes in direction and safety constraints.

The company selected ULMA Formwork systems’ The MK System Civil Engineering Kit as the optimal system solution best suited to overcome the obstacles presented through varying gradients and interfaces of square to curved junctions of discharge chambers throughout. The high moment connections between the MK Walers allowed less equipment to be used and larger than usual pouring platforms to be incorporated.

The AGJV (Abigroup Golding Joint Venture) concluded that the versatility offered by the MK system – jointly supplied with wall formwork systems Orma and Enkoform VMK as well as slab formwork system Enkoflex – would best address these issues.

The tunnels were poured in varying lengths from 15m up to 30m sections to enable the construction sequence to best meet the gradient change points, with 120lm of MK tunnel form supplied in total.

Coupled with hydraulics to enable a smooth strike and ULMA’s electric driving motors, the tunnel forms were easily moved into the next position at travelling speeds of 6.2m/minute. The tunnels internal diameter of 6.50m was consistent, with the wall thickness varying externally from 375mm at the highest point to 700mm at the stub sides.

Uni-span were also engaged to engineer and supply formwork on the remaining global works structures including a Barge Wharf and a 2km jetty, as well as supply the project’s scaffolding needs.

For more information visit www.uni-span.com.au