Addressing risks in the mining industry – A new low cost approach

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 16 Jul 2014   Posted by admin

PSYFACTORS consultancy specialises in human factors risk assessment and performance training for hazardous occupations and industries– a proven service that has grown rapidly in popularity in the mining industry, by delivering a result to clients that is been shown to be up to seven times better than normal.

Psyfactors helps organisations to penetrate the incident plateau through better screening of candidates, improving safety and performance through engineering resilience by a more effective evaluation of the human factors involved and specific training mechanisms needed to minimise risk.

For the last 10 years Psyfactors have been helping companies on the way to achieving their safety targets and operations through its unique research based ‘Situation Awareness’ assessment, training and consulting, with some 190,000 evaluations conducted to date. A fast low cost and valid  means to comply with the necessary legal requirement of ensuring that individuals are not placed in harm’s way.

The Psyfactors Situational Safety Awareness tests and program draws on 50 years of research and experience to focus on the individual’s capacity for attention and mechanism’s for rapid attention recovery, as the key to maintaining personally safe behaviour.  At the supervisory level where the critical need is in ‘achieving safety through others’ supervisors benefit from the program improving their ability to identify and manage the potential for breakdown in situational safety awareness amongst their charges.

Managing Director Peter Rosenweg

Specialising in Human Factors in the workplace and as a registered psychologist and published author, Psyfactors managing director Peter Rosenweg has more than 35 years’ experience in hazardous industries including mining as his first job working in mining equipment maintenance, later as a pilot in aviation and in hospital operating theatre management, as a counsellor and therapist and subsequently consulting in recruitment projects for mining operations. He now assists organisations with their frontline screening, employee development and strategic change management, human factors audits and specific human performance problems related to their system of work.

The company is a market leader in the development of technologies and methodologies to enhance the accuracy and thoroughness of human factors performance evaluation, risk assessments and training.

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