All signs point to Kemtek Imaging Systems

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 12 May 2014   Posted by admin

High Quality Industrial Label and Sign Printing Systems

KEMTEK Imaging Systems has been supplying mine sites with a unique range of in-house industrial signing and labelling systems for 18 years and servicing the mining industry for five of them.

The company has delivered heightened safety and worker protection to the mining industry, improving efficiency and demonstrable cost savings by making workers aware of hazards and dangers onsite and minimising the risk of injury.

Kemtek is a distribution agency for Rebo Systems and Max Co, two leading brands of industrial sign and labelling systems available on the market today.

The Rebo industrial label maker is one of Kemtek’s most popular products. It prints labels for equipment, storage and safety warnings that are able to withstand all weather conditions and working environments, which is particularly important given the extreme conditions experienced in the mining sector.

Another popular product Kemtek provides is the SMS 900, a large format industrial label and sign printing system that the mining industry uses to produce its high visibility warning signs, tank, equipment and pipe marking, as well as its traffic management and facility signage.

SMS-900 - a large format industrial label and sign printing system

Kemtek is armed with an extensive product range and specialist market knowledge, which allows them to deliver expert advice and support, keeping businesses fully compliant with safety legislations, chemical and pipeline identification, six sigma and LEAN processes, manufacturing and complete process identification.

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