Ambidextrous designs replacing old industry units

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 24 Jul 2012   Posted by admin

THE Hyperflex range of air conditioners, the latest in vertical air-cooled packaged technology, was introduced recently by Specialized Engineering.
The ambidextrous range of air conditioners were specifically designed to replace existing the vertical packaged units used by the mining and resource industry.
As a WA-owned and operated air conditioning manufacturer, Specialized Engineering understands the issues the resource sector experiences with air conditioners in the state’s climate.
As such, it created a range of products which addresses customers’ needs for a versatile air conditioner that can easily switch between left and right-hand supply air, to suit in-field duct configurations.
Previously, the exact configurations had to be specified at time of order and could not be modified once in production.
However, the new air conditioner can be configured at the last minute by the Specialized Engineering team at the company’s factory or by customers on their own site.
Each model is ambidextrous and can easily switch between left and right-hand air supply.
It is also possible to match existing duct connection sizes with the multiple cabinet accessories the company offers, providing a customer has a straight swap replacement.
Features of the specialised range include: electro-mechanical controls; run/fault status and emergency stop; a direct drive variable speed condenser fan; interchangeable airside connections; slide in/out accessible filters; and ultra-efficient energy ratiosexceeding future requirements. Many optional extras are available,
including stainless steel cabinets, coil anti-corrosion protection, phase protection and adaptive humidity control.
Specialized Engineering has also incorporated the latest Brushless DC motors high-efficiency variable speed fan technology, which exceeds the Energy-relefficiency requirements that will come into effect in 2013 and 2015.
In addition, each machine is factory tested in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3823.1.2 by the National Association of Testing Authorities.
For more information, visit Specialized Engineering’s website

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