Architect plans for $100m mining museum

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 17 Nov 2017   Posted by admin

Image: Cox Architecture.


FORMER WA Government architect Steve Woodland has unveiled plans to build a $100 million mining museum in Perth to pay homage to the State’s rich mining history.

Mr Woodland, who now works as a principal director at architecture firm Cox, said the proposed museum would act as an educational facility for children, and a place for events and celebrations.

“The Museum of Mining WA could offer experiences like no other in the world,” Mr Woodland said.

“Mining is in many ways a central part of who we are and yet our visitors see very little evidence of it in our city.

“Many visitors are surprised — and disappointed — that it isn’t celebrated or visible in our capital.

“Mining touches the lives of many West Australians across myriad levels and these connections should be told and celebrated. It is something that all of us should have ownership of, and something that we can all contribute to.”

Mr Woodland said immersive technologies would be utilised to “transport the visitor” into the mining arena to witness sounds and shocks of a mining exploration, be submersed below an oil rig rich in marine life, and drive a Haulpak truck by remote control.

The museum would also be home to an actual mine shaft, a real pit and other simulators to give visitors “compelling authentic experiences”.

Mr Woodland hoped the museum would be built over the next 10 years, and had his sights set on the old East Perth power station or the Burswood Peninsula as possible locations.

“The museum would be a potent tourism driver for WA,” he said.