Aussie innovation revolutionising recycling worldwide

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 02 Oct 2012   Posted by admin

AUSTRLIA’s remote mining regions will benefit from the country’s newest ‘green’ innovation: the world’s first mobile on-site recycling facility.
Closed Loop Turnstile developed the mobile facility: constructed from 40 foot Royal Wolf shipping containers, the units are the perfect solution for on-site recycling, as their portable design provides a complete solution that can be mobilised virtually anywhere.
Each unit consists of two levels, and waste or recyclables are loaded via a conveyor belt that transports materials to its upper level. At the upper level, recyclables such as paper, plastic and aluminium are sorted by hand and then gravity fed into allocated compactors to form 1 cubic meter bales. Each bale is then removed from site and reprocessed into new materials such as plastic cups, bottles and other types of food packaging, all within a two week period.
Closed Loop Turnstile managing director Steve Hunter said he recognised the need for a portable recycling facility that could capture, sort and process waste at the point
and time of generation.
“Royal Wolf is a widely recognised and highly regarded supplier… with their containers used in a wide number of applications.
“I realised that their containers would provide the perfect solution to house a durable, mobile and safe on-site recycling facility,” Mr Hunter said.
“The quality and range of container solutions from Royal Wolf, combined with the service they provide made them the obvious supplier of choice for me to create this world-first recycling facility.”

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