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 12 Jun 2015   Posted by admin

AUSTRALIAN-based industrial deconstruction services provider Liberty Industrial is well-known across the country. 

They provide integrated deconstruction solutions for large scale industrial demolition and closure projects, offering a broad range of integrated capabilities including decommissioning and hazardous materials removal, dismantling and demolition, land remediation, site rehabilitation and site preparation.

The company also offers a suite of highly specialised demolition and closure consulting and engineering services.

They’ve built a solid reputation and received international recognition for the delivery of some of the world’s largest and most demanding industrial demolition projects ever undertaken.

Recently Liberty Industrial’s expertise was recognised on a worldwide scale when it won the 2014 World Demolition Awards for its work on the demanding deconstruction of a smelting facility in Kwinana, WA. Liberty Industrial was the first Australian company to win a World Demolition Award.

Cranes dismantling a Bucket Elevaotor. Photo: AJ Carter, Smooth Motion

Cranes dismantling a Bucket Elevaotor. Photo: AJ Carter, Smooth Motion

The Hlsmelt Kwinana deconstruction was a large-scale, complex project unlike anything that had ever been attempted in Australia. It involved the dismantling and relocation of almost half of the Hlsmelt plant, comprising more than 7000t of industrial plant and equipment which was salvaged and shipped to China. More than 2000 bulk units were methodically dismantled, cleaned to export standard, match marked, labelled, recorded and packed to allow for reassembly in China.

Sustainability was a key feature of the project. In addition to the 7,000 tonnes of plant and equipment items salvaged, 12,000 tonnes of scrap metal was recycled and Liberty Industrial found resourceful solutions to dispose of 25,000 tonnes of concrete and waste products from the smelting process including 50,000 tonnes of slag, 7,500 tonnes of dolomite and 5,000 tonnes of iron skulls.

The amount of waste disposed of in landfill was heavily minimised through Liberty Industrial’s innovative approach, with 97 per cent of the site’s 110,000 tonnes of material recycled or reused.

A multitude of equipment and technology was used throughout the duration of the project. Liberty Industrial used engineered induced collapse methods to demolish the major structures – a technique that was first tested first via 3D simulation with ASI Extreme Loading software.  The use of this technology allowed Liberty International to refine its methodology and demonstrate a successful, safe and controlled outcome prior to execution of the task.

Liberty Industrial completed the 15-month-long Rio Tinto project safely and sustainably with optimal outcomes for all project stakeholders. Liberty were able to realise maximum value for the salvaged plant and equipment and scrap materials, delivering a positive commercial outcome for Rio Tinto.

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