Balla Balla ratified in Parliament

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 19 Dec 2017   Posted by admin

The Balla Balla Infrastructure project will open up Central Pilbara iron ore deposits for mining juniors. Image: Supplied.




BBI Group (BBIG) has received the final assent of a WA Government agreement for its multi-billion dollar Balla Balla Infrastructure (BBI) project, linking iron ore deposits from the Central Pilbara with a new export facility at the Balla Balla port via a 162km purpose-built railway.


The ratification of the project by Parliament is seen as a big step forward for the project, which would create about 3000 jobs during construction and about 900 operational positions.

BBIG estimated that the total royalties payable to the WA Government from customer mines over the life of the project could be in excess of $4 billion.

BBIG chairman Jon Young said the company was particularly pleased with the bipartisan support that both the BBI project and its State Agreement has received in WA.


“The bipartisan support the State Agreement has received sends an excellent signal to our business partners,” Mr Young said.


“I would like to personally thank Premier Mark McGowan, and all members of Parliament for their support.

“We can now fulfil BBIG’s commitment to provide employment, economic and social opportunities for Pilbara residents.

“These commitments will provide direct benefits to traditional landowners, the local community, and businesses as an outcome of the project’s construction and operation.”

WA premier Mark McGowan stated in Parliament that the agreement would facilitate the delivery of significant positive outcomes for local communities and those businesses servicing the mining and ancillary sectors of the WA economy.

“The project has the potential to generate significant jobs in both its construction and operation phases, and it must be acknowledged, is a project to which both sides of the house have provided their support.”