Celebrating a decade of improvement in on-site tyre life

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 30 Aug 2012   Posted by admin


TYRE damage is an unfortunate fact of life in the mining industry. For more than a decade, crushing and compaction specialist Broons has integrated its innovative BH-1950MS ‘square’ impact roller into mine site operations to reduce the risk of tyre damage by rubbilising rock on tip heads and pit floors.
“A couple of Australian tyre management companies have developed some very unique systems and each is highly regarded in their approach,” Broons director Stuart Bowes said.
“Combined with the use of our ‘square’ impact roller the improvements in tyre life can be significant.”
Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines (KCGM) – the launch customer for the BH-1950MS –recently reinforced its belief in the Broons product by taking delivery of a new machine to complement the existing unit on site.
“It was KCGM and their tyre management partner who encouraged us to develop the larger machine specifically for rubbilising rock,” Mr Bowes said.
“Their determination to make it work has seen the concept become even more widely accepted than we would have believed all those years ago.”
Broons has collaborated with the University of Adelaide’s School of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering to undertake detailed research into the rock fracturing capabilities of the BH-1950MS ‘square’ impact roller.
“These days, more than ever, we need the hard data to back up the performance,” Mr Bowes said.
“We were the first to use impact rollers in this application and remain the leaders in this field.”

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