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 27 Feb 2014   Posted by admin

On-Site Safety Integral To Welding Productivity and Efficiency

AUSTRALIA’S resources sector continues to serve as a key driver of the nation’s fiscal strength and prosperity, ensuring growth – and by extension, innovation – in a range of crucial support industries. Yet, as the effects of the resources slowdown hit home, the importance of this world-leading innovation has become critical to resources companies searching to lower costs and increase productivity.

On-site safety is inextricably linked to a resource company’s overall productivity, and is crucial to the running of cost-efficient, reliable and productive operation. The numerous safety guidelines and standards that Australian operators must conform to have substantially lowered the occurrence of onsite breaches, yet a mine worker’s job is an inherently dangerous one and requires a holistic approach to ensure safety and productivity.

Cutting and welding in the resources sector is one job that puts workers at unavoidable risk. A welder’s job is not an easy one – it can be highly dangerous, especially when coupled with the safety concerns inherent to deep underground mines and remote, harsh locations.

According to the NSW Government Trade and Investment December 2013 Mine Safety Bulletin, the industry continues to record an unacceptable number of electric shock incidents from electric welding activities each year. WorkSafe Victoria also reported that about 1300 workers were injured in welding related incidents in Australia each year. In 2011, 363 tradespeople employed in welding related industries lodged compensation claims as a result of workplace injuries in Victoria alone.

One Of The Oldest Players In Australian Welding

First founded in 1922 as a spray paint and gas welding company, CIGWELD was later established in its current form as a Multi-National gas & welding equipment  and filler metal manufacturer in 1985. CIGWELD’s reputation for quality has been fundamental to its growth and success. As a member of Australian and International Standards committees, CIGWELD provides compliance to specific product related standards, and meets ISO:9001/9002 Quality Systems Accreditation ensuring workers remain safe in the toughest of jobs across a range of industries.

Furthermore, CIGWELD’s global research and development resources enable the company to continually design, test and evaluate their product range, and to develop innovative welding solutions for a variety of sectors, including resources both in Australia and abroad.

Welding & Cutting Innovation – Australasian Mining Industry

An example of CIGWELDs market leadership in the mining industry, are the Transarc & Transtig Mine Spec Welding Inverters. These units are ideal for welding in confined spaces, specifically in mining site construction and maintenance. The CIGWELD 130i & 170i Series of Mine Spec inverters come with a braided and reinforced supply lead that virtually eliminates electric shock from a damaged power cord. These models also come standard with a heavy duty, IP66 rated and compliant 15A supply plug, which screws into place and forms a weather proof seal against damp, dirt and grime. Another safety advantage of the Mine Spec unit is the stick electrode holder with Deadman Switch which ensures there is zero voltage at the electrode before starting. Voltage then increases to 8V DC (VRD on) when the operator presses the Deadman Switch to start welding. Many mine sites are now looking to make these features part of their mandatory spec after seeing these CIGWELD units in action.

In 2013 CIGWELD also released a ProPlus Digital Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet, which is a top of the line helmet that takes safety seriously. The CIGWELD ProPlus is a high impact helmet offering workers the ultimate protection from environmental hazards, and has exceptional response inbuilt to the 4 sensor auto darkening filter lens to ensure there is no disruption between welding jobs. Move between welding, cutting and grinding without distraction- the helmet reaction time is 1/25,000th of a second. The low amperage TIG rating of 2 amps and above supports even the most subtle welding applications, so you can control the arc while you helmet intelligently controls the visibility.

The digital LED display delivers a discreet feed of the settings with a manual option for when you require total control. The precision designed viewing area provides the optimal dimensions to hone in on the task without fringe distractions. You’ll love the endless endurance of the solar assisted battery life in this high performance helmet when the ergonomic 4 point harness with cushion support moulds to your head. Optional CIGWELD magnification lenses can further extend the vision enhancement of the ProPlus Welding Helmet.

Victor Technologies, CIGWELD’s parent company, has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities around the world, including North and South East Asia, Mexico and the US, which means global efficiencies in sourcing new technological products worldwide for introduction to the Australasian markets.

CIGWELD recognises that to maintain leadership in the marketplace the company must stay abreast of new products, technologies and industry trends. Resources companies are facing a volatile climate of structural changes, and are looking to boost productivity and curb operating costs. CIGWELD is well placed to provide these solutions.

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