Civil Construction Equipment

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 21 Oct 2014   Posted by admin

AUSTRALIAN-owned CKC Civil Construction Equipment has come a long way in the past 12 years.

The Queensland based company started out with one product and one customer and today it has developed into a thriving business servicing the civil construction and mining industries. It has designed, developed and sourced products from around the world including the US and China.

CKS’s equipment has been used in a number of projects for companies including Main Roads and Waterworks. Its customers now include some of Australia’s largest construction companies, local councils, government departments and mining supply companies.

Every piece of equipment produced is designed to improve site safety, productivity and reduce on-the-job costs and risks. The majority of its products are designed and manufactured on site.  CKC recently gained the distribution rights to the flangelock tool. It allows for the simple sealing of open SAE Code 61, 62 and 62 CAT-Style hydraulic flanges without the need for tools. They are constructed from lightweight, high tensile strength aluminium, and are colour coded – making for easy size identification.

Flangelocks are designed to allow them to slide on and off easily.  The components offer a leak-proof solution to any hydraulic system, eliminating oil spills – reducing the number of workplace incidents and ensuring environmental protection standards are met. The flangelock tool replaces the standard plastic caps available which aren’t as reliable. The caps often fall off and are replaced with rags – which can disappear up the pipe, resulting in significant damage and downtime to equipment.

The flangelocks are not only reliable but they eliminate the need for expensive hardware. They are easy to use, quick to install and assist with creating a safe work environment. The locks are available in a wide-range of sizes and come in kits, tailoring to specific needs.

For more information visit: or contact your local hydraulics agent.