Combating Workplace Drug Culture

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 19 Jan 2018   Posted by admin

Sideffect Australia launches online drug education portal, The Orange Card

Today marks the official launch of a new online platform that has been specially designed to combat the rise in Australia’s workplace drug culture – The Orange Card. The online program is an initiative of Sideffect Australia and includes eight drug education modules, covering Methamphetamine, MDMA, Research Chemicals, 25in BOME, Synthetic Cannabis, Marijuana, Cocaine, and Fentanyl.


David Hobbs, Director and CEO of Sideffect Australia, says that The Orange Card was inspired by the mandatory White Card used in the construction industry. “Our aim is to educate employees about the dangers of substance abuse and to create a safer community and workplace for everyone,” says Hobbs. “We are envisioning that completion of The Orange Card will become mandatory across all high-risk industries and beyond, just as the White Card is.”


The Orange Card was recently trialled by WA’s largest residential builder, the ABN Group, where over 160 apprentices completed The Orange Card across three separate TAFE colleges in WA.

“During the trial phase of the program, we received extremely positive feedback from employers and employees alike. Once you complete all modules with a 100% pass, you receive your certificate of completion and your Orange Card. It’s all about keeping people educated and accountable,” says Hobbs.


“Illicit drug use and substance abuse are costing billions of dollars in economic loss, absenteeism, and insurance claims – early intervention and prevention is the answer,” says Hobbs.


The cost for completion of The Orange Card is $59.95 per employee which will give Sideffect Australia the opportunity to raise additional funds and continue their outstanding school drug education program.


Visit for more information or to get your Orange Card.