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 11 Sep 2014   Posted by admin

THE pursuit of effective health safety and environment (HSE) performance can be compromised by ineffective leadership.

Helping leaders implement change – so that HSE targets are realised – is a specialist field in which CBS is recognised globally. We have been chosen by industries worldwide, particularly in mining, to help them create leaders confident in HSE delivery.

No company wants their employees hurt at work. Generally, companies are committed to safe working practises, and the reduction of critical incidents and lost-time injury rate.

Companies would like to improve their employee safety record, as well as change the safety culture within their organisation.

The key challenge, however, is to find a balance between the ability of their employees to use safety systems effectively, while at the same time improving productivity outcomes.

At Competency Based Solutions, we understand this challenge.

As a result we have become partners with major industry, particularly in the mining sector, on a global basis.

CBS’ unique approach to business and organisational development is designed to build leadership and workplace cultures that drive change in productivity and safety performance.

Among CBS’ clients are the worlds leading resource producers, including Rio Tinto, Dampier Salt and Newmont.

We can work in partnership with your company to deliver tailor-made interventions that not only enhance existing processes and develop skills at every level of the organisation, and ensure increased efficiency and productivity.

Our principal focus is inspiring and motivating people, and equipping them with the skills to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

We also recognise that it’s not an easy matter to change the safety culture of an organisation.

Managers must not only incorporate safety processes into their everyday jobs, as well as develop critical safety leadership skills, but also learn to consider safety as important as other critical tasks.

Employees must be equipped with a broadened skill set, and a strong awareness of the actions they must take?in order to build safety into their daily work practises, making safety a topic that all employees talk about.