Comprehensive solutions for minerals processing needs

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 19 Jan 2015   Posted by admin

IXL Metal Castings is a nimble, flexible, multi-alloy foundry, supplying cast ferrous products to clients across Australasia.

The company’s product capabilities range from medium volume consumable components to low volume maintenance replacement parts in almost any size. It supplies alloys of grey iron, ductile iron, white iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and other ferrous alloys, all made to customer specifications. It offers clients documented confirmation of metal chemistry, dimensional, ultra sonic, magnetic particle, tensile and impact inspections as well as independent National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) testing upon request.

Casting applications are used in a myriad of projects including wear-resistant liners and components for minerals processing feed and discharge chutes; heat resistant iron parts for furnace and heat-treatment facilities; pumps and valves in the slurry and water industry; transmission housings for power transfer; heavy vehicle suspension parts, brackets, and mounts in general engineering.

The IXL group has a comprehensive business management system in place in addition to ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and environmental certifications, ensuring traceability and repeatability for its customers.

The Australia-based company is hands-on with all projects and provides a high standard of customer support including: failure mode analysis, written quotations, job scheduling, short delivery lead-times and stock management. Support in all States with offices in Perth, Adelaide and Geelong.

Its services are focused on finding the right solution for clients; helping reduce overall costs in the long run.

To date IXL Metal Castings has worked on a number of projects in the resources industry. It currently has partnerships with a range of heavy engineering companies including Alcoa, Rio Tinto, Pentair, Caterpillar and Flowserve at various mineral processing operations in Queensland, NSW, Tasmania, Sth Australia and Western Australia.

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