Dependable filters built on productivity and innovation

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 10 Oct 2012   Posted by admin

BASED in WA, Ishigaki Oceania is an Australian company specialising in a comprehensive range of innovative, high-quality solid and liquid separation equipment.
The company’s filters are used for industrial and mining applications, as well as for water and wastewater treatment.
Ishigaki produces a number of iconic filtration items including its LASTA Filter Press, a fully automated pressure filter with unique features that is highly regarded by the global mining industry.
The company develops and designs its equipment based on efficiency, productivity, technological innovation and the effective treatment of commodities, while paying due consideration to the environment. Ishigaki’s products cater to the specific process requirements of its customers, and the company can offer a solution for every application.
Professional after-sales service is a key focus of Ishigaki’s operating philosophy.
Ishigaki has ‘technical know-how’ and expertise in pressure filters for mining and industrial applications, including LASTA MC presses; polishing filters, such as the FW model, for the polishing filtration of mining (thickener overflow), industrial and domestic wastewater; and continuously-operating screw presses for wastewater treatment and tailings.
It also provides process engineering, technology support and ongoing maintenance contracts.

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