Dotmar flows with the mining industry

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 10 Nov 2013   Posted by admin


FOR more than 45 years, Dotmar EPP has been the leading supplier of engineering plastic solutions to the mining industry throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region. In 2008, Dotmar EPP became part of the very diverse Metal Manufactures Limited group of companies.

International technical relationships
Strong international networking with leading global manufacturers such as Röchling Germany and USA through the RITA (Röchling Integrated Tank building Assistant) and Quadrant Germany through the CAM-SAD bearing design programs, has built Dotmar EPP an unsurpassed reputation for technical quality, product development and engineering excellence in the mining industry.

DotmarPolymer products
Products and services presented by Dotmar EPP to the mining industry include material supply and field installation of  MATROX, Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) flow promotion liners and LEMUR polyurethane composite impact, abrasion and wear panels for bulk solids handling.
Technically sound engineered polymers and polyurethane are selected for suitable applications, offering superior physical, occupational health and safety and environmental performance compared to traditional materials. An engineered polymer component offers self-lubricating performance with the benefit of reduced maintenance costs through increased plant availability. Products such as PETP (Ertalyte) and self lubricating nylons such as (Ertalon LFX) and (Nylatron GSM) are excellent substitutes for greased bearings in harsh environments.
Applications beginning with mine excavation equipment, mobile plant, underground and surface mine processes, transfer and storage equipment, are all areas of application where Dotmar EPP has technically sound solutions to meet its clients’ requirements.
Application examples include, but are not limited to: Matrox UHMWPE flow promotion liners; Polystone P7000AST impact and slider beds; Polystone HDPE tanks and vessels; Ertalyte and Ertalyte TX bearing solutions; Nylatron GSM self-lubricating cable sheaves; polypropylene filter plates; Polystone UHMWPE fender panels; and the new range of LEMUR polyurethane and composite impact, abrasion and wear resistant panels.

MATROX flow promotion lining site installation services
Dotmar EPP is comprehensively equipped to travel to any location to undertake Matrox lining projects of any proportion, adhering to the manufacturer’s installation methodology while incorporating world leading Australian developed techniques.  Under the guidance of experienced staff and utilising specifically designed equipment, Dotmar conducts its installations safely and efficiently with a minimum of impact on the host.
MATROX flow promotion linings are suitable for a broad range of applications including cargo ship hulls, coal fired power station storage and feed bunkers, urge and storage bins, transfer hoppers, dump truck trays and excavator and loader buckets, and transfer chutes.

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