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 26 Aug 2013   Posted by admin

BASED on the NSW Central Coast, Earthsafe Environmental is the manufacturer and supplier of the Earthsafe ES10PC AWTS009 on-site wastewater treatment system and two Health Department approved sewer ejection wells, ES200-SEPSO14 and ES900-SEPSO900. The company also manufactures grey water treatment systems and black/grey split treatment systems, and designs and manufactures commercial wastewater treatment systems.
The ES10PC system treats wastewater on site to primary and secondary levels to achieve far better results than what is possible with older style septic tanks. The system features unique surge reduction and advanced aeration to ensure treatment exceeds the requirements of Australian standards AS 1546 and AS1547. The ES10PC system has also been accredited by the NSW, Queensland and WA Departments of Health, and Environment Protection Authority Victoria.
Earthsafe Environmental’s system operates with remarkable simplicity, which allows it to function at a high level with limited maintenance requirements. The treated water it produces is clear, odourless and can be reused on site (subject to local authority approval) for applications such as watering gardens. The systems are modular and scalable, and are manufactured and delivered by Earthsafe Environmental as a complete package, ready for installation. The ES10PC model is housed in a single concrete tank, with adequate capacity to treat waste water for up to 10 people.
The standard ES10PC system was designed to achieve a 95 per cent reduction in BOD5 and suspended solids, with additional sterilisation measures able to reduce levels of faecal coliform bacteria to virtually zero.
Earthsafe Environmental takes pride in its high customer service standards. From the point of initial contact, trained consultants are on hand to advise customers on the wastewater treatment systems best suited to their specific needs. The company offers obligation free quotes and site inspections, and consultants are also able to offer advice on excavation, electrical and plumbing requirements related to the installation of the wastewater treatment system.

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