Efficient systems improving remote capability

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 14 Jan 2015   Posted by admin

RELIABLE navigation equipment on remote sites is of the utmost importance in the resources industry. No one knows this better than GlobalPOS, which has specialised in the sales, hire and support of high accuracy global positioning systems (GPS) and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) for more than 20 years.

The privately owned company has dealt with myriad situations related to positioning, using the latest GPS and GNSS equipment on projects that include the provision of receivers for large exploration, geophysical and seismic surveys, and mining and construction – just to name a few.

GlobalPOS is one of the few companies in Australia to specialise in the sales, hire and support of High Accuracy GPS/GNSS receivers and associated software.

Recently there has been a significant change in the capabilities of receivers in the use of multiple constellations, which has greatly enhanced performance and instigated reduced costs for systems not at the forefront of these technological advances. GlobalPOS has been involved in the development and testing of these systems and has a thorough understanding of their capabilities.

The company has experience in the use of the new Beidou constellation, which is advantageous for GlobalPOS clients who are trying to decide on the best path for using GPS/GNSS receivers; deciding whether or not to upgrade from GPS/Glonass receivers currently in use. The larger number of satellites from the multiple constellations greatly enhances availability in difficult locations, such as close to the base of highwalls in open pit mining.

Working on projects across Australia using remote support options has assisted GlobalPOS to support its equipment over wide geographical areas in an efficient manner. This remote support via internet connections has revolutionised the way support and training can be conducted. It is no longer necessary to visit site to provide support for small problems, which can be efficiently solved by a remote technician.

GlobalPOS provides product and support from major manufacturers such as Javad, Altus, Septentrio, Carlson, MicroSurvey and others.

For more information visit www.globalpos.com.au