Environmentally-minded fuel storage and dispensing systems for all industries

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 19 Dec 2012   Posted by admin

A specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of approved fuel storage and dispensing systems, Enviroplus provides equipment for a wide range of applications including diesel, petroleum, Avgas, jet fuel and AdBlue.

From its small 250L Utecube to the large 100,000 Envirobulka Container fuel farm, Enviroplus has solutions for every fuel containment and management requirement. The company holds large stocks of its most popular products in several locations across Australia.
One of Enviroplus’ most widely respected and reputable product ranges is the Envirocube-Global range of transportable self bunded diesel tanks. The range – the first product introduced to the Australian market by Enviroplus – is available in sizes from 1000l to 20,000.

Be it the mining, construction, agricultural, aviation, industrial, utilities or rental market, Enviroplus is committed to maintaining the highest standards, from initial concept and design through to manufacturing, delivery and commissioning. The company’s wealth of experience, both at local and international levels, provides clients with complete confidence and the lasting satisfaction of a quality product that lasts.

Rely on Enviroplus for environmentally sound, bulk fuel storage and dispensing solutions.

Enviroplus cherishes the long-term relationships it has formed with its customers: the company’s team listens, learns and produces solutions that meet each client’s individual needs, with an emphasis on quality.
“We carefully consider each and every request, and gauge the customer’s immediate situation with a view to providing an environmentally sound and efficient package within the confines of the customer’s specified time frame,” an Enviroplus spokesperson said.
“Our products are complemented by a diverse range of pumping, filtration, and dispensing equipment.
“To cater for special needs, we can provide modified versions of our stock range, or we can design a custom-built product compliant to Australian standards and relevant regulations.”

All Enviroplus products conformance to Australian and international standards and regulations, including Australian Standards AS1940 and AS1692. The company offers extensive after-sales support, and a unique lever of flexibility in all of its services to ensure every client receives the highest standard of service.

Call your local Enviroplus Customer Service on 1300 884 887 or visit us at www.enviroplus.net.au

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