Established supplier has industrial gas needs covered

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 11 Mar 2014   Posted by admin

FOR more than 120 years, BOC has produced atmospheric gases including oxygen, nitrogen and argon; its expertise has directly contributed to significant advances in industries ranging from steelmaking, refining and chemical processing to food processing and distribution, electronics and health care.

Today, BOC is a member of the Linde Group and is one of the South Pacific region’s most comprehensive supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases and associated products and services.

BOC’s gases are utilised by just about every sector of industry, commerce, science and research – enhancing quality of life by contributing to environmental, health and safety protection. BOC’s customers use its products to improve their competitiveness, reduce process costs and enhance quality and productivity.

Many commonplace products, from soft drinks to car engine parts, would not be possible without industrial gases; more importantly, BOC’s innovative gas technologies and applications continue to pave the way for users to adopt more sustainable ‘green’ business practices.

BOC operates 40 production facilities throughout the South Pacific region, supplying its gases to more than 400,000 customers. This capacity is supported by nearly 100 BOC Gas & Gear stores and a network of more than 1000 agents and equipment partners. Every day BOC fills more than 40,000 gas cylinders at its 12 South Pacific industrial and medical filling sites.

BOC provides a comprehensive range of gas products to suit your applications.

The company provides the bulk of its gases in cylinder form – an ideal means of supply for smaller volumes that offers flexibility. Products supplied in cylinder form include hydrogen and hydrocarbon-based fuel gases and LPG for commercial and residential use, and gases for applications ranging from welding and soldering to food and beverage preparation and preservation.

For customers with larger gas usage requirements, BOC supplies bulk gas and tonnage gas supply solutions including mini bulk supply services and on-site bulk cryogenic storage vessels. Customers with major air gas, hydrogen or syngas demands require tonnage solutions from BOC – either for their sole use, or for joint use with one or more users in a local network.

BOC has more than 20 large plants supplying more than 20 tonnage solution customers in the South Pacific region, typically via pipeline and often across distances of several kilometres. The plants are managed by BOC’s Remote Operating Centre (ROC) at North Ryde in NSW. Using leading-edge technologies, a team of dedicated ROC engineers supervise the operations of a variety of plants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These include air separation units, carbon dioxide plants, nitrogen generators, argon purifiers, natural gas liquefiers, hydrogen plants, ozone plants and a helium plant.

The company is also a leading supplier of medical gases, associated equipment and related services for healthcare professionals. BOC Healthcare’s products are used throughout hospitals, ambulance services, GP surgeries, veterinary and dental practices. It supplies all types of medical gases, from nitrous oxide for use in anaesthesia, oxygen for patients as well as helium for cooling magnets in MRI scanners; providing crucial care and improving the lives of patients.

In 2008, BOC, also acquired 100 per cent of the Elgas business and is now the largest marketer of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) in the Trans-Tasman region, and the largest supplier of LPG appliances in Australia. It provides LPG for home, business and automobiles.

BOC’s core gases business is complemented by a comprehensive range of equipment and services. Its sophisticated range of products includes gas and welding equipment, consumables and trade tools, including safety and industrial products, all of which support its clients’ gas use.

The company’s PPE products range from clothing, footwear and respiratory, head and hearing protective solutions to eye, hand and face protection equipment. It also offers harnesses and other equipment to ensure safety working at heights.

Importantly, BOC offers personal gas detection devices that allow individuals working with its products to manage their safety at all times. Similarly, the company offers an extensive range of welding safety equipment and accessories that provides users of its welding gases optimum safety during operation.

BOC recognises the absolute importance of safety in the workplace, and its workplace safety range reflects this: from cylinder storage solutions to first aid kits, safety signs, spill response products and fire extinguishers, it offers everything needed to maintain a safe working environment.

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