Excellence in service leads to contract for major mine

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 12 Apr 2013   Posted by admin

THE Ord River Irrigation Area (ORIA) was formed by damming of the Ord River, through the construction of the Diversion Dam in 1963 to hold back the waters of Lake Kununurra; and the construction of the Main Ord Dam in 1972 to form Lake Argyle. Today, Lake Argyle contains up to 35 times the volume of water in Sydney Harbour. The ORIA project covers 14,500 hectares of crops including Indian sandalwood, chia, hybrid seeds, mangoes, citrus, cucurbits and bananas, and future expansion plans could see it developed to cover as much as 40,000 additional hectares for irrigation.

Anne and Keith Wright began 2K Tours to offer expert tour services throughout the ORIA, with a specific focus on The Kimberley and, most specifically, the ORIA’s main service town Kununurra. The company’s tours in the ORIA area encompass the entire irrigation area, and quickly gained popularity with locals and tourists alike. Following its initial success, 2K Tours expanded its services to include charter tours further north, from Broome to up as far as Darwin.

During its time in operation, 2K Tours has developed a reputation for providing a consistently high standard of service, with excellent customer support and a safe and reliable fleet of tour vehicles. On the basis of this reputation, the company was sub-contracted by Greyhound Australia for an ongoing contract to provide worker transport services for Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine, and it now holds the contract in its own right.

Looking to the future the company plans to tailor its service to better service mining clients, with a view to taking on more work for resources projects throughout WA’s Kimberley region. To this end, 2K Tours has launched a new business, Mine Staff Movers, specifically targeting resources sector clients.

2K Tours welcomes enquiries from prospective tour participants, and looks forward to increasing its involvement in WA’s booming mining sector through Mine Staff Movers.

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