Experienced company leading the way in lockout and tagout equipment

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 11 Jun 2013   Posted by admin

SINCE 1992, Cirlock has supplied a huge catalogue of industrial lockout and tagout equipment for energy sources Australia-wide and through distributor networks around the world.

Founded by Erik Larsen, the company manufactures and provides lockout devices for electrical circuit breakers and fuses for, predominantly, the mining industry. Cirlock’s initial and unique lockout system is still being manufactured and can be found on sites across the country.

“Cirlock is the only Australian company that manufactures and provides a full range of lockout and tagout equipment,” Mr Larsen said.

According to Cirlock, effective lockout and tagout equipment can dramatically increase a mine’s productivity by reducing downtime and minimising damage to machinery and the risk of injury.

Since its foundation the company has expanded its range to include a full range of equipment and safety signage for all types of energy sources for all types of industries, and most products are Cirlock’s own design.

The Queensland-based company’s uniquely designed equipment can lockout gate valves and ball valves in all sizes, in addition to electrical plugs and hose couplings, with most of its products made in Australia. Cirlock can also custom design devices to suit the individual needs of clients and deliver products quickly.

The new Cirlock GLB-4 Group Lock Box has all of the features of a next generation group lock box such as: sturdy welded aluminium construction, a red powder coat finish with a tough polycarbonate clear sliding lid, provision for an A4 size procedure to be placed outside or inside the box or even in the lid, and 20 padlock holes for up to 9mm shackle sizes.

Furthermore, Cirlock’s versatile energy source lockout labelling system Cirlock Lockout-ID makes it simple to identify energy sources to plant and machinery.

Cirlock’s Lockout Hasp with the safety padlock and danger tags attached; an example of the company’s wide range of products.

Cirlock’s own tough safety lockout padlocks are made with Xenoy material housing with stainless-steel shackle and brass key way and are available in seven different colours and master-keyed, keyed alike or keyed different in any combination. Locks can be personalised with a company’s logo or names, either engraved or on labels, and photo ID can be supplied.

Cirtag, Cirlock’s own brand, produces safety signs, labels and tags in addition to a full range of pipe identification markers, and lockout equipment is available in multi-kit sized forms, including carry bags or wall-mounted lockout stations.

The company’s products are available through electrical and other wholesalers, direct from Cirlock or though the online shop.

Visit www.cirlock.com.au for more information on the product range or call (07) 5445 2910.