Experienced team providing specialised, cost-effective castings

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 06 Mar 2014   Posted by admin

CAST Bonding Australia is a foundry and engineering company based in Ballarat, Victoria.

The foundry produces a broad range of ferrous and non ferrous castings supported by onsite Spectro analysis, heat treatment and a fully equipped fabrication and machine shop. It allows for castings to be fully processed onsite, this includes all necessary non-destructive testing, fabrication, machining and if necessary assembly and painting.

For more than 15 years Cast Bonding Australia has provided cost effective manufacturing of a range of specialist custom-made cast and fabricated products. Its experienced team of engineers and foundry technicians is dedicated to innovation, quality production and customer satisfaction.

Typical products include crusher components, mill liners, wear plates, pipe spools, pump volutes and impellers, valve seats and discs, rolls, bogie wheels and links, rope sockets, coal mill armour, mill hammers, mixer blades and numerous other industrial castings.

In 1996 Cast Bonding Australia commercialised a patented “cast bonding” composite metal bonding process developed by the CSIRO.

It is a unique process which enables steel components (of a wide range of geometries) to be protected with a hard overlay of alloy white iron for wear prevention. The bond between the two materials forms primarily in the solid state by a diffusion process following casting of the overlay onto steel substrate. The technology is constantly evolving with extensive research and development being undertaken on a constant basis. As a result the technology has been adapted to a broad range of geometric shapes and sizes. In addition to this a wide range of wear and corrosion-resistant alloys have been developed to provide the optimum wear and corrosion resistant properties.

The bonding method is commonly used in the mineral extraction and processing industry looking to improve wear resistance, but is also used in the steel making and forming process, ground engaging equipment, crushing and pulverising, materials handling, valve trim and abrasive grit blasting.

Cast Bonding Australia specialises is the manufacturing of white iron lined pipe spools and fittings for abrasive slurry operating at high pressure and temperatures. The linings are tailored to the customer’s specific needs to provide a significant increase in the service life of slurry piping due to the superior wear resistance of the white iron which also acts as a thermal insulator reducing heat loss from the process.

For more information visit: http://www.castbonding.com.au/