Extensive product selection keeping potential pests under control

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 13 Feb 2015   Posted by admin

Flies, mosquitoes and mice are some of the most problematic pests faced by homes and businesses in Australia.

Entrepreneur Don Hall has worked on developing safe and natural products to combat pests for years and nine years ago he launched his online-based company, Trap Marketing.

Today the company supplies a comprehensive range of pest control products to assist clients in managing flies, mosquitoes and mice, including traditional and modern mouse traps and baits.

A single mosquito or fly can spread illness to hundreds of people, posing significant health threats for the wider community.

Although tiny, mosquitoes in Australia can be highly effective carriers of potentially very serious diseases such as Ross River virus, Murray River encephalitis, Kunjin virus, Barmah Forest virus, malaria, dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis.

Likewise, a single fly can carry more than 33 million disease-causing micro-organisms – including the bacteria that cause diseases both known and unknown – and can contaminate food with a single touch.

There are 38 different species of flies in Australia, and as many as 20 mosquito varieties in the Northern Territory alone, making control of these flying insects a significant challenge.

To assist in combating the challenge, The Trap Marketing supplies products such as fly traps and baits, mosquito bands and mosquito patches.

In industrial settings such as mi
ning operations, mice frequently chew through electrical cables and wires, creating a dangerous operating environment for workers and increasing the risk of industrial fire events.

Mice generally forage only short distances from their nest, usually not more than between 5m and 10m.

For this reason, traps and other control devices must be placed in areas where mouse activity is most apparent, and The Trap Marketing offers a broad range of mice control products to suit varying applications.

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