Fast installation technology improving efficiency

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MAINTENANCE on mine sites has never been so easy thanks to Huck® technology.

Designed and manufactured by Melbourne-based Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS), Huck grinding mill bolts provide a fast, consistent installation method which can reduce mill downtime and improve efficiency.

Huck mill bolts allow easy mechanical fastening of wear liners for grinding mills. There are a myriad of benefits to the technology that resists vibratory loosening; eliminating the need to stop production to re-torque loose fasteners.

The Huck mill bolt is an axially tensioned fastener that uses the mechanical properties of the components to achieve a precise tension every installation. A pintail snaps off when the correct clamp force has been achieved and bolts can be easily removed as the shank is tapered.

Installation is quick and easy as the tools used are portable and align to the next bolt quicker than other tools currently on the market. There is no re-tensioning required during or after installation and there is no risk of leakage around the bolts.

Using Huck mill bolts significantly lowers labour costs and, as a result, they are the preferred choice in the industry today.

For more information about Alcoa Fastening Systems or Huck® grinding mills bolts email Les Dioguardi, AFS business development manager – mining, rail, oil and gas at or call him directly on 0437 093 135.