Filtration and mechanical cleaning products offering significant advantages and cost savings for the resources sector

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 19 Sep 2013   Posted by admin

ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly product distributor Envirokleen Products provides a unique range of filtering and cleaning products that are uniquely suited to the specialised equipment used by the marine sector, mining industry, government departments and many industrial applications. To achieve this goal the company distributes a wide range of products that include Microclean, Mann & Hummel and Shin Heung centrifugal filters and TMS-Apollo self-cleaning hot tanks and parts washers.

Industrial centrifugal filtration is a world-wide recognised method of microscopically cleaning lube oil, hydraulic oil and dieseline which facilitates removal of solids down to less than one micron. In Indonesia, for example, centrifuges are commonly used to remove Cladosporium Fungus from diesel fuel.

Microclean’s centrifugal filters are relative newcomers to the market place, made by JYC Enterprises in Taiwan. The range is well engineered, and has similar specifications and performs favourably against international competitors. Additionally, being made in the Asian region, the product maintains a substantial price advantage while maintaining a very high standard of quality.

The centrifuge technique removes contaminants from lube oil down to less than 1 micron – a significant improvement on conventional filtering, which in most cases only filters down to about 10 micron. This can be problematic because the bulk of contamination in lube oil is in the 0 to 4 micron range. Industrial centrifugal filtration offers users a number of significant benefits, including extending the life of oils and preserving engine life. They incur minimal service costs, because centrifugal filters can be taken apart for cleaning and then re-assembled on site.

Most mining companies that install centrifuges onto their equipment do so with the knowledge that apart from being able to extend their plants engine and lube oil life, there are also big saving to be made in reducing the amount of lube oil they require, getting longer life out of their full flow filters and reducing costs in later disposal of used oil and used spin-on filters off site.

Envirokleen Products distributes the TMS-Apollo range of self-cleaning caustic hot tanks and parts washers. TMS-Apollo’s heavy duty self-cleaning caustic hot tanks incorporate an ingenious, internationally patented device to remove contaminants from tanks as they are generated. This technology, coupled with an oil skimmer, maintains a tank’s contents in prestige condition for many months of operation with big savings on caustic top-up.  All tanks are also fully insulated, thereby reducing heat loss and subsequent power costs.

TMS-Apollo’s parts washers utilise detergent and hot water under high pressure to effectively cleanse even the most difficult parts and equipment. Designed and built in Australia, the parts washers are available with basket sizes ranging from 800mm to 3 metres. All of the company’s models are built to the latest design standards, designed for longevity and reliability and engineered to perform consistently and maximise productivity. Because of their unique design and efficiency they can save a lot of costly man-hours.

The parts washers offer users an extensive range of unique features including: a one-piece closed loop spray bar fitted with specially designed power jets that not only fully cover wash areas, but also run right under the basket; fitted pump overload protection; auto pump-out of waste water and detergent; element protection thermostat which cuts off power when water levels are low; a mechanically-driven turntable on most models; and smaller models designed to be easily wheeled to workshop service areas.

The Envirokleen Products website ( offers clients additional information and downloadable documentation about the company’s range of products, detailing their advantages, uses and technical information.