FLIR GF-Series camera ‘sees’ gas leaks

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 10 Jun 2013   Posted by admin

FLIR’s latest GF-Series 306 infrared camera can detect and visualise 26 harmful gases including sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) which is 24,000 times more hazardous to the environment than carbon dioxide.

One of the most potentially dangerous greenhouse gases, Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), is an effective insulator that prevents arcing in high-voltage circuit breakers and gas-insulated substation equipment. When used properly, the gas enables safe and efficient utility operations.

This FLIR Systems GF-series thermal imaging camera can detect, visualise and pinpoint hazardous gas leaks.

FLIR Systems, the world leader in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging cameras for a range of applications, says the FLIR GF Series 306 is more effective in detecting gas leaks than sniffers because of its technology that displays leaks as smoke on a camera’s viewfinder or LCD.

The GF-Series 306 is capable of rapid scanning, delivering real-time thermal images of gas leaks. The leaks stand out allowing thermographers to ‘see’ the fugitive gas emissions. The image can be recorded on the camera’s removable memory card.

More user settings allows the camera to be optimised for the environment and climate scene in which gases are present.

FLIR’s new GasFindIR camera delivers six user-selectable integration modes. Normal Scene, Cold Scene and Hot Scene can be selected at 50 or 25 Hz.

This allows you to change frame acquisition rates for better image performance in hot and cold environments to help you find the smallest leaks. The GasFindIR HSX is a real-time infrared camera that can scan images at 50 or 25 Hz.

Improved operator safety is another benefit of the series: emissions can be detected at a safe distance while not interrupting production unlike other systems where leak searching takes longer and plant has to be shut down while detection is carried out.

FLIR Systems has more than 50 years of experience, and eight manufacturing plants world-wide. Its cameras are used for a range of applications in the fields of predictive maintenance, building and inspections, research and development, security and surveillance, maritime and automotive.

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