Fuelstar – Time, cost and environmental benefits from innovative fuel saving system

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 14 Nov 2013   Posted by admin

Fuelstar Cleanburn System

FOR more than 20 years, the Fuelstar Cleanburn system – installed in diesel engines to create more complete fuel combustion – has provided fuel savings to fleet vehicles.
“What many people don’t realise is that diesel engines running at normal loads in the 45 to 55 per cent range are not all that efficient, as they do not give a complete fuel burn,” Fuelstar Fuel Combustion Technology managing director Ian Cornelius said.
“This unburned fuel goes out the exhaust as hydrocarbons or, in the case of partly burned fuel, as carbon monoxide.

“The Fuelstar Cleanburn system reduces the unburned and partly burned gases, making the engine more efficient. This leads to reduced emissions (cleaner air) and lower fuel consumption.”
Mr Cornelius said the Cleanburn system also prevented the accumulation of soot and sticky substances on internal engine operating surfaces such as piston crowns and turbo blades.

“An engine in new condition (just run-in) in a truck might achieve 8 miles per gallon of fuel. After several months running, as the soot and dirt accumulates, the fuel efficiency might drop to as low as 7 miles per gallon, or even lower,” Mr Cornelius said.

“The Fuelstar Cleanburn system will purge the engine of these substances and restore the fuel efficiency to something like 8 miles per gallon, for an improvement of 16 per cent. This process normally takes 30 to 90 days of engine running.

“Now, if a truck is running 40,000km (24,000 miles) per month, the fuel cost might be in the order of AU$25,000 per month, so a saving of even 10 per cent or AU$2,500 per truck, per month is very attractive.”

Fuelstar Cleanburn units are available to fleets for free trials, with Fuelstar renting the system to the client once they are completely satisfied with it. The rental contract may be terminated at any time by the end user with three months’ notice. Rental units are upgraded every five years to ensure every fleet utilising the Cleanburn system operates at an optimal level at all times.

For more information visit: http://www.fuelstar.com/