Generating high returns through expert architecture

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 30 Apr 2012   Posted by admin

MELBOURNE construction company JCM Builders focusses on design and construction within its own developments, working closely with leading architectural firms in order to complete the concept and achieve affordable construction and development outcomes.
Managing a project from start to finish, including purchasing the property site, the planning approval process, construction of the project, and the sale and settlement of the property, requires many attributes which JCM Builders has gained through its 20 years experience within the construction industry.
JCM Builders is experienced in building quality boutique developments, specialising in residential apartments, high end architectural construction and mixed use buildings.
Its reputation is derived from excellent relationships with clients, designers, architects and sub traders, which allow it to deliver a completed project of the highest quality.
JCM Builders’ building model and construction process is developed to be an in-house experience from site establishment to hand over of the completed project.
The company is a specialist at delivering high level architectural and engineering requirements to provide the best outcomes for past and present clients. The construction method of concrete basements and suspended concrete slabs, in conjunction with the extensive level of carpentry staff and experience, helps all of its projects to be delivered on time and within budget. JCM Builders undertakes the acquisition of the projects, taking on the role of the development manager. Project acquisitions are targeted within the inner city suburbs of Melbourne, with returns of greater than 60 per cent of the clients’ investment.

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