German-based agitation company provides innovative solutions to major industries

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 23 Sep 2013   Posted by admin

THE Ekato Group, based in Schopfheim, Germany, is an internationally recognised agitation solutions provider offering agitator/mixing technologies to key industrial areas such as mining, minerals, oil and gas, chemical, food and pharmaceutical.

Ekato slurry storage tank with 20m shaft length and 7m diameter

With more than 650 dedicated staff across the globe, the Ekato Group prides itself on delivering a product suitably designed for various applications, regardless of the difficulty or diversity of the task.

Some of the company’s mixing capabilities include homogenous solids suspension, gas dispersion and mass transfer optimisation, investigation of settling behaviour and restart strategies under settled bed conditions.

The extraordinary test facility, covering more than 700 square metres, incorporates a vast array of agitator lab-scale equipment including a 100 cubic metre test tank with up to 500kW of motor power and dedicated explosive-proof laboratories, where the company can ascertain the parameters it needs to safely scale up to an industrial size.

The group’s capabilities extend to complete finite element and computational fluid dynamics analyses, ensuring that the client’s expectation of the company and its solutions are met.

The Ekato Group comprises three main product divisions: Ekato RMT, specialising in large scale agitators (the largest installations exceed 20m shaft length and 2500mW motor power); Ekato Fluid, which specialises in industrial-scale ‘off the shelf’ type agitator equipment; and Ekato Systems which provides mechanical seals for pressured applications up to 200bar and 400 degrees Celsius and smaller scale turn-key units including agitation equipment, mechanical seals, seal supply systems, vessels and instrumentation.

CFD simulation of the EPOX-R impeller used in POX autoclaves

In addition to supplying solutions, the Ekato Group is dedicated to nurturing long-term relationships and enhances this with the after-market and service support group, employing highly skilled engineers to react to all market requirements.

For the mineral processing industry the company offers a broad range of agitation equipment for the gold, nickel/zinc, copper, uranium and iron ore industries including high pressure acid leach autoclaves; pressure oxidation autoclaves; autoclave feed tanks; atmospheric leach tanks; carbon in pulp and carbon in leach tanks (CIL tanks); cyanide destruction tanks (CN detox); neutralisation tanks; bioleaching and BIOX-Process; slurry storage and buffer tanks; precipitation tanks; and flotation reagents mixing tanks.

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