Global process engineering leader has solid local presence

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 18 Jun 2014   Posted by admin

A GEA Process Engineering evaporator/crystalliser

WIDELY recognised as a world leader within liquid and powder processing engineering, GEA Process Engineering specialises in the design and sales of production plants.

Many companies of GEA Process Engineering are world leaders in their processing technologies and have many decades of international experience with the most widely used technologies, thus the company is able to offer solutions and complete process lines tailored to the client’s needs and requirements.

GEA Process Engineering focusses on aseptic packaging, concentration, emission control, industrial drying, liquid processing, powder processing and handling and solid dosage forms and sterile products.

According to GEA Process Engineering, for a production facility to be truly successful it must be reliable and remain a profitable investment for many years.

The company’s global network of local companies, offices and service centres provides all the support its customers need including plant and process optimisation; capacity increase; retrofitting and upgrading; plant safety evaluation; training programs; and technical service and spare parts supply.

A complete plant built by GEA

When GEA Process Engineering designs and engineers a new process system, production line or turnkey installation, it combines decades of industrial experience with the latest technological developments – many covered by its own patents.

Each piece of equipment is carefully designed to meet individual product specifications, mechanical executions that comply with official standards and superior hygiene and safety.

GEA Process Engineering’s supervisors inspect individual plant components and are on-site during installation. Project engineers are present during mechanical commissioning and process start-up; the optimisation of operating conditions; demonstration of guaranteed performance, and plant operator training.

GEA Process Engineering is part of the GEA Group, a worldwide engineering group recognised for its excellent technologies, management principles, and dedication to providing best solutions for its customers.

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