Helping companies reach greater heights

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 14 Apr 2014   Posted by admin

SINCE it was established in 2005, Australian owned and operated company Unilift Equipment and Sales has been recognised as a leading supplier and manufacturer of lifting, rigging and height safety equipment, servicing the mining, construction and offshore industries.

The company has developed a strong customer relationship based on quality, service and trust. Unilift Equipment and Sales offer a complete solution for the needs of its customers by providing efficient service, installation, repairs and hire of a broad range of lifting, rigging and height safety equipment. They engineer, manufacture and certify a diverse range of lifting components for any application, and offer NDE testing, supply and installation of wire rope for projects throughout Australia.

Unilift Equipment and Sales works closely with its customers to ensure its products exceed their requirements and expectations.

They also supply an extensive range of high quality lifting equipment sourced from companies such as Cartec, Rope Block, GN Rope Fittings, Van Beest, PWB, Crosby, Gunnebo and Global Rope Fittings.

Unilift Equipment and Sales is aware of the demands placed upon companies operating in the resources sector and is committed to customer satisfaction and efficient service at all times, helping clients to achieve their goals now and in the future.

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