HYDAC International: A world leader in fluid technology

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 20 Feb 2015   Posted by admin

OPERATING in more than 50 countries worldwide, with more than 7000 employees and 1000 sales and service partners, HYDAC offers an extensive product range to cover all areas of fluid power – hydraulic filtration, accessories, hydraulic pumps, accumulators, valves, electronics, condition monitoring, process and compact hydraulic systems.

With its unmatched expertise and service, HYDAC is a partner of choice for companies in a range of industries, such as mining, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, power generation, and pulp and paper.

The demands of these industries depend on the machinery application however, all types of equipment and systems share one thing in common – the need for improved performance in a cost-effective manner.

HYDAC responds to these requirements by maintaining its position as a fluid power leader and satisfying the ever-changing needs of its customers.

The emergence of high-tier engines, particularly in the coal mining industry has seen HYDAC focus on providing fuel cleanliness to improve efficiency in the mining sector.

Many cost-conscious mining companies are investing in diesel fuel filtration on bulk fuel installs.

Previous filtration methods include on-board diesel engine fuel filters, which can be unreliable.

HYDAC provides filtration, dewatering and fuel condition monitoring products for the production-to-consumption process – ensuring clean diesel and resulting in improved efficiency and significant savings.

With the aid of the company’s designated field engineers who specialise in key products and industry, the HYDAC network – along with its distributors – are able to offer solutions for any occasion, any place, and any time.

The company has focused on a global presence with local competence, to ensure it has local technical solutions available in most countries.

HYDAC operates within five Australian states as well as New Zealand, with world-class technical sales engineering offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Mackay, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland, and a Centre of Excellence Design, Manufacturing and Training in Melbourne.

For more information visit: www.hydac.com.au