Improving driver safety with tailored GPS tracking solutions

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 18 Oct 2013   Posted by admin

GPS tracking expert Securatrak has grown strongly during the past year, as it continues to expand nationally to service more resources sector clients requiring safety solutions for their fleets.

Securatrak delivers advanced turnkey GPS tracking hardware and software solutions for organisational fleets throughout the Australasian region.

Large fleets, remote locations and stringent safety requirements make GPS vehicle tracking an essential tool for any mining or oil and gas project.

Securatrak managing director Mark Holmes said while the company delivered a range of fleet monitoring and management products and services, its focus for the resources industry was predominantly on driver safety.

“We offer a turnkey solution by providing the IVMS [in-vehicle monitoring system] hardware which is fitted to the vehicle, and the tracking software which enables fleet managers to run driver safety and vehicle performance reports themselves, or have us run those reports for them,” Mr Holmes said.

“On a higher level, we also provide journey management centre services, where we look after the entire journey management plan for each trip the drivers take.

“We’re responsible for logging the place and time of departure, the destination, the ETA [estimated time of arrival], and monitoring the vehicle throughout the journey to ensure the driver is paying attention to driver fatigue rules, which may be specific to their company, and that of course they arrive safely.”

Mr Holmes said another benefit of GPS tracking for mining and oil and gas operations was improved fleet efficiency.

“You can ensure that correct driving practices are being followed by your mobile workforce. We can monitor speeding, harsh breaking or harsh cornering events, idling time, route deviations, all those sorts of things,” he said.

Securatrak this year celebrates 10 successful years of developing tailored GPS tracking solutions.

“The clients we attract are predominately larger, corporate enterprises; we deal with a lot of the [ASX] top 200 companies, but we also deal with a lot of small to medium enterprises,” Mr Holmes said.

Securatrak recently expanded its product range with the introduction of a new IVMS technology platform called the GO6.

A ‘plug and play’ solution, GO6 allows companies to add additional third party devices – such as satellite modules and in-cabin duress alarms – to the system as they see necessary.

“As far as we know, it’s the only product on the market which enables customers to have a future-proof product,” Mr Holmes said.

“Until now, even with our old products, once you purchased it you could only add so many things or so many third party devices to it before you ran out of options, but the GO6 allows you to add new technology as needed.”

Having doubled its revenue in the last three years, Securatrak has an impressive growth record that isn’t showing any signs of slowing.

Securatrak can be contacted by calling 1300 653 395 or visiting