Increase your productivity and efficiency with fabric structures

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The staff at Taurus Fabric Build has supplied fabric structures to Australian and international markets since 2005.

The company works closely with its clients to ensure individual requirements are met, by providing shelter solutions across all industries – from five to fifty metres wide in temperate or cyclonic areas.

Fabric structures enable the building to be relocated in the future, increase productivity and are compact for shipping and storage.

Taurus’ innovative, cost-effective and low-maintenance fabric structures provide protection from the sun (reducing temperatures by up to 15 degrees Celsius), UV and rain, while permitting natural light. They are most commonly used for servicing equipment; lightening protection for refuelling depots; as hangars or loading areas for aircraft; bulk storage and warehousing on sites.

The company’s innovative products are backed by exceptional service. The team at Taurus offers a quick response, expert consultation and complete technical documentation to clients.

Taurus Fabric Build chief executive David Burston has more than 10 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing fabric structure solutions for a range of industries.

“We pride ourselves on being creative, designing the structure for long term efficiency and a building of high quality,” Mr Burston said.

Taurus also has a dedicated installation team, available to install, relocate or supervise the installation of a shelter.

“Our team are all hard working, experienced and mine site compliant,” he said.

“We will go almost anywhere to install or relocate a fabric structure.

“Safety is always at the forefront of planning and execution due to the potential risks involved in working at heights.”

Taurus’ fabric structures come in multiple designs, branding and colours. Optional extras include pallet racking, lighting, logos, vents and door systems.

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