Industries saving time and money with height adjustable pipe support

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 29 Nov 2013   Posted by admin

SPECIALIST repetition metal fabrication and component manufacturer Swift Metals Services offers a comprehensive range of metal manufacturing services, high quality stainless steel products, pipe supports and brackets, and a complete in-house facility for tool design, tool construction and ongoing tool maintenance.

Adjustable Pipe Support

Swift Metals proudly offers a new generation of pipeline supports and mounting brackets Australia-wide to the energy, oil and gas industries. Designed and manufactured by Swift with its allied companies, Anchorage Pipe Supports provide trademark innovation in height adjustable pipe support.

Swift Metals manufactures the popular Anchorage height adjustable flange mount pipe support system, and further offers cradle mount saddles and the universal mount height adjustable pipe supports. Anchorage universal mount height adjustable pipe supports are ideal for locating valves and pumps at the correct height, to ensure the suction side of pumps are continually flooded to prevent running dry.

All Anchorage height adjustable pipe supports are available in galvanised or powder-coated finishes. The pipe saddles and tube supports can alternatively be formed from stainless steel, for additional corrosion resistance.

Manufactured in Australia from local and imported components, Anchorage supports are composed of a pipe saddle or pipe flange mounting with adjusting collar, grub screw and locknut, and are supplied complete with a welded baseplate and stanchion. The centreline of the pipe support system can be adjusted up to 120mm, to accommodate height variations across undulating terrain – without the need for cutting or welding on site.

Heavy Duty Pipe Saddles

With this important adjustment feature, no tailoring, welding or cutting of the pipe support mechanism is required on site – meaning trucks equipped with welding equipment and qualified welding personnel are similarly unneeded. Civil contractors and pipeline installers are ensured to save time and money while improving onsite safety by utilising this support system.

A secondary benefit of the Anchorage height adjustable pipe supports is the versatility of installation in gas fields, or areas where there is a danger of fire or explosion: as no welding or cutting is required onsite, users do not need to obtain regulatory Hot Work Permits.

Piping contractors across the country have proved that pipelines, depressurisation stations and pumping stations are quicker to install with Anchorage pipe supports; saving on time, workload and cost – particularly on remote sites, where accommodation and travel can add substantially to capital cost.

For ease of selection and speed of production, the Anchorage pipe supports range was developed to fit traditional pipe sizes. However, Swift also continues to produce specialised pipe saddles and custom pipe support configurations to accommodate individualised site and client requirements.

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