Innovative time lapse video shows haul truck build

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 27 Nov 2015   Posted by admin

TO provide a behind-the-scenes understanding of the work required, Liebherr-Australia has released a 7 minute time lapse video featuring the manufacture of its T 282 C haul truck fleet.

The video follows the journey from the Port of Brisbane to the build-site in North Queensland and culminates in footage of some of the fleet in action.

This large-scale, three-month project required 25 hours of road-travel from the Brisbane port to the build-site.

The project also featured two cameras on two build pads taking 12,096 photographs each; 22,000 individual frames taken for the tray build; and 62 individual timelapse sequences.  More than 150,000 individual frames of video were sequenced, compressed and edited.

The trucks shown on the video, which can be viewed on the Leibherr YouTube channel, are already hard at work on the customer’s mine site.

To watch to video, follow the link below.