Keeping dust and health concerns at bay with expert dust management techniques

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 12 Jul 2013   Posted by admin

RECOGNISED as a world expert in dust management techniques, Spraying Systems Co maintains that the key to proper dust management is to identify the specific dust problem; understand the most effective method of eradicating the problem; and know when to apply dust prevention through dust suppression and dust control methods.

With dust suppression, moisture content in the material is increased to prevent dust from becoming airborne, while dust control is achieved by adding humidity to the air to capture dust particles that are already airborne.

“Effective and efficient systems use spray nozzles to apply water and/or chemicals such as wetting, foaming and binding agents onto dust particles,” a Spraying Systems Co representative said.

“However, the system configuration varies depending on the goal, whether it is dust prevention and control or airborne dust suppression.”

Most operations require both prevention or control and suppression to effectively manage dust.

“It is important to understand the differences between prevention and suppression systems to ensure proper spray nozzle specification and operation,” the representative said.

Spraying Systems Co is proud to use its expertise to assist the US Department of Health and Human Services in Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and the Industrial Minerals Association of North America.

Spraying Systems Co shared its comprehensive knowledge of dust control by researching, developing and writing a chapter titled Wet Spray Systems for the Dust Control Handbook for Industrial Minerals Mining and Processing.

The company treats the management of rail car dust as a serious health hazard.

“Lung disease has been the known cause of too many deaths in the mining industry for many years,” the representative said.

“Proper dust management regimes can reduce this danger when correct dust suppression and dust control techniques are applied, from the mine to the port.”

Backed by 75 years of nozzle technology, Spraying Systems Co developed the cost-effective and highly efficient AutoJet automatic system to deliver water and surfactants to safely prevent dust emissions from rail cars in transit.

The company also offers superior dust control options for longwall coal mining, where ventilation systems must be adequate to remove harmful airborne coal dust particles as well as potentially harmful gasses, and provide clean air to the working environment.

By matching the dust particle size with the spray droplet size, dust can be controlled at its source. This helps to prevent workers from inhaling harmful coal dust, which is a known cause of lung disease.
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