Keeping workers safe and cool on site

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 24 Apr 2015   Posted by admin

WA-based company CoolMist Systems Australia has catered to the fogging and misting field since 2005, providing specific solutions to control dust in mining and associated industries.

Dust control is a big problem on mine sites that can be exacerbated by inclement weather conditions; not only does dust pose significant health and environmental impacts, it decreases machinery performance and production quality.

CoolMist Systems has built a strong reputation for combating the problem by providing innovative, high quality products that are durable and long lasting in harsh environments; making them a popular choice among companies in the mining industry.

Its range of services includes supply of equipment, design, installation, maintenance and technical support.

Its products are designed specifically for high pressure, low water volume applications; providing significant area coverage and the correct size water droplet matched to the dust particle being contained. CoolMist Systems ensures high dust containment while saving on water and energy consumption compared to other equipment available on the market today.

Worker’s health is paramount on site, not only does CoolMist Systems help with keeping dust levels under control, it also specialises in personnel cooling; both in work and recreational spaces.

Working in hot conditions can have numerous negative effects on staff; as heat rises, the body produces more sweat to cool itself and prolonged exposure results in dehydration which leads to heat exhaustion. Poor health will lead to reduced productivity.

CoolMist Systems designed a cost effective cooling system to combat the problem.

The versatile systems are strategically placed for localised ‘spot cooling’ within a work or recreational space. The high-pressure mist systems use the process of evaporative cooling known as thermal dynamics to reduce air temperature by as much as 15 degrees; ensuring body temperature is kept at an acceptable level.

The superfine clouds of mist are delivered into the air and the flash evaporation process absorbs large amounts of heat quickly. The process leaves no residue, meaning there are no wet floors or surfaces.

The system can be partnered with CoolMist Systems industrial mist fans to increase the cooling capacity and can be custom designed to meet client’s needs.

CoolMist Systems is a full-service misting company, the emphasis of the business is to provide environmentally friendly, long term and cost-effective solutions to its clients that are efficient and reliable which support safer working  conditions.