Letting miners breathe easy

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 15 May 2015   Posted by admin

SAFETY Equipment Australia (S.E.A.) has provided personal respiratory protection equipment to Australia’s mining industry for many decades.

Over the years, numerous mining operations and other heavy industries have protected their workers’ health and well-being using S.E.A.’s superior breathing protection, comprehensive know-how and advice, reliable fit-testing, and highly effective training.

Many employees would be familiar with the Sundström brand of filter respirators, including the SR100 and SR200 workhorses — half and full face mask respectively. Both of these respirators are negative-pressure devices, that is, the wearer’s lungs do the work of drawing air through the filters. One new development in this area is that the SR100 half face mask is now available in an XL size (previous models were Small/Medium and Medium/Large).  Now workers with larger or broader facial dimensions can enjoy the same tight fit and effective protection as those with smaller heads and faces.

Another recent product release is the new-generation SR500 PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator). This type of respirator features a battery-powered fan motor that delivers clean, filtered air to the user. Sundström have made a number of significant improvements to both the design and performance of this model.

The fan unit now delivers 240 litres of air per minute in its high-power mode. This means that users can now choose air flows of 175 or 240 l/min. The higher boost setting can be used to satisfy breathing requirements during heavier work, and can also be applied for effective de-misting of the visor of one of the 9 available head-top models, including hoods, helmets, shields and face masks.

The exterior design of the SR500 now features a new-look display panel that is clear, easy to read, and can tell the user of various events, such as flow rate, battery charge, spent particle filters, a dip in air flow and other alerts that may require attention.

The SR500 was recently given an Ingress Protection rating of IP67, certifying that the assembled unit is completely dust-tight, and also resistant to immersion in water to a depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes.

Of particular interest to certain mining operations is the SR500ex, an intrinsically safe PAPR for use in explosive or ignitable atmospheres. Not only is the system as a whole certified, but each of its main components. The unit has different IECEx ratings depending on which head top or mask is used.

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