Lightweight fibre reinforced concrete products laying the foundation for company growth

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 11 Jun 2013   Posted by admin

INNOVATIVE Australian-owned and operated company Evolve Composites continues to flourish by manufacturing a range of products that successfully improve on industry standards.

The company’s products are represented across a range of industries in Australia and overseas, including all trade-related and construction industries, mining, automotive, do-it-yourself and hardware.

With superior strength-to-weight properties over standard heavy pre-cast concrete products, Evolve’s lightweight fibre-reinforced concrete brand Evo-Crete is garnering strong interest from a range of industries in Australia and overseas.

Evolve general manager Angus Wood said the blocks were fast gaining a reputation in both mining and industrial applications as the preferred solution for stable and durable equipment foundations.

A key factor in Evo-Crete’s success has been the proprietary blend of Evo-Fibre polyolefin fibre reinforcing. When added to the concrete mix the unique blend provided improved abrasion resistance, as well as increased flexural and compressive strength.

“Engineers are using Evo-Crete Cable Ladder Blocks to reduce project timeframes and they are also a top choice for OH&S and the environment,” Mr Wood said.

“Installation crews are finding Evo-Crete ideal because they’re lightweight and easy to drill into with hand drills and self-tapping screws,” he said.

In September last year, Evolve announced that its Evo-Crete Cable Ladder Blocks had been incorporated into the Australia Pacific LNG Project’s 16,000 well-head installations. The small Cable Ladder Block – measuring 400mm by 300mm by 200mm – is an innovative custom-designed product, selected for use on the massive Queensland-based project due to its ultra-lightweight and fibre-reinforced properties.

Evo-Crete Ladder Blocks had already been proven on smaller projects for major mining contractor Downer EDI and Iluka Resources WRP site south of Ouyen.

In early 2012, electrical contractor Pengelly Electrical used Evolve’s large Cable Ladder Blocks for the WRP mine project.

Using Evo-Crete, Pengelly realised a number of significant cost savings in the project. There was no need to hire a crane which led to major savings as no slinging was required.

The Blocks were also lightweight enough for two people to move safely and comfortably, and so savings were also found through reduced labour requirements; the weight advantage also led to important occupational health and safety benefits as manual handling risks were reduced. Ultimately, for this project, a job that would usually have taken weeks was successfully completed in just two days.

Boasting leading edge product design, manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing capabilities combined with its long history of product development and sourcing out of Asia, Evolve has remained focussed on bringing new and exciting products to market. Along with the company’s proprietary range of products and ongoing development, it is also working with other companies and individuals to help commercialise their product ideas and innovations.

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