Lowering maintenance costs of steel in the resources industry

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 04 Jun 2015   Posted by admin

GALVANIZING is a simple and efficient protective coating for steel that lowers your cost of plant maintenance.

Galvanizing reduces operating costs of projects by minimising expensive corrosion maintenance on site and reducing the number of plant shutdowns.

For those wanting to improve production efficiency, WA-based company Hartway Galvanizers has years of experience in a wide range of industries and is able to offer advice on achieving project design life targets.

Established in 1984, the company has grown substantially and is today made up of two galvanising plants (Hartway Galvanizers and Hartway Galvanizers Naval Base) and a walkway and steel fabrication business.

It is the combined management experience and extensive galvanizing capacity that makes Hartway stand out from its competitors.

Hartway uses the hot dip galvanizing process (to Australian Standards AS4680 and AS2312) in which steel articles are immersed in a bath of molten zinc, which results in an alloying reaction between the steel and zinc.

This method results in a durable, inexpensive coating that will protect steel against corrosion.

Hartway has a large portfolio of clients in the mining and oil and gas industries and has worked on a number of well-known projects, including FMG Nelson Point, RTIO Dampier Incremental, BHP Rapid Growth projects and Alcoa Pinjarra.

For more information visit: www.hartway.com.au