Maximising heat efficiency with tailored solutions

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 01 Nov 2013   Posted by admin

SPECIALISTS in custom heating, Thermal Electric Elements (TEE) began as a father-and-son operation in 1972. More than four decades on, TEE is still a family owned and operated company, well equipped with a 2500 square metre manufacturing facility in the Mid North Coast of NSW; sales branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth; and a representative in Malaysia.

TEE prides itself on providing high-quality products, fast. All of the company’s products are manufactured using the highest quality components, such as high grade magnesium oxide, to ensure a long operational life. On average, elements manufactured by TEE have been found to last for more than 10 years, compared to many imported products that may last for only a few months at a time, leading to higher costs in the long term.
TEE aims to find a complete solution for its clients’ heating needs; not just something off the shelf that’s ‘close enough’. The company’s design expertise and manufacturing flexibility means that solutions can be tailored to suit individual requirements: maximising heat efficiency and providing a product that works.
Solidifying its presence in the heating market, TEE is the only element manufacturer capable of producing elements up to 15m long. The company understands that a lot of its work is for urgent, or breakdown jobs where heaters are needed as soon as possible. With this in mind, TEE works to deliver custom designed and manufactured products with faster turnaround times than its competitors, getting the process up and running sooner.

For the mining and resources sector, the trademarked ThermalEx certified hazardous area heaters are a popular product, as they are designed for use on oil platforms, and mines and petroleum processing sites which have explosive atmospheres. The ThermalEx range of certified flanged immersion heaters is available at ratings of up to 690 volts and 430 kilowatts, while the ThermalEx withdrawable immersion heaters are available up to 540kW.

In addition, ThermaLoad intelligent load banks have an important role in the maintenance of standby power generation equipment as a cost-effective way of keeping things running. TEE’s load banks are available in manually switched to fully automatic-controlled units, ranging in sizes from 0.2kW to 2 megawatts with safety interlocks such as high temperature overloads, low air pressure/flow switches, phase sequence control and fan motor overloads. The company’s elution heaters are popular in gold mines for processing slurry. TEE’s products have been used at gold mines in Africa, and projects in Australia such as the Cadia Valley gold mining operation in NSW, and the Olympic Dam mining development in South Australia.

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