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 08 Oct 2014   Posted by admin

AS the world is moving into an age where the environmental, health and safety aspects of our planet and workforce are becoming an increasingly important factor in the way we do business, Sulzer has taken the initiative to develop innovative products and services that offer both an environmentally friendly solution, while at the same time enhancing productivity and reducing costs.

Based in Winterthur, Switzerland, since 1834, it specialises in pumping solutions, rotating equipment maintenance and services as well as separation, reaction, and mixing technology.

Sulzer in Johannesburg designs, manufactures and services a wide range of equipment, all of which is designed to improve both efficiency and safety in the mining industry. Sulzer’s air rock drill has proven to be more reliable and cost-effective (oil less) than the previous generation of air drill, and has unlocked the full potential of air pneumatic powered mining. Sulzer’s new generation hydro-powered water drill has proven to be more reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly than the previous generation of water drill. It fulfills DME requirements and has unlocked the full potential of hydro-powered mining.

The company’s business model is based on working in partnership with customers to help find solutions to improve productivity, whilst reducing costs. Sulzer is the leading independent maintenance and service provider for rotating equipment dedicated to improving customers’ processes and business performance. When pumps, turbines, compressors, generators, and motors are essential to operations, Sulzer offers technically advanced and innovative solutions.

Sulzer offers repair and maintenance support to a wide range of mining equipment. The systematic and flexible approach guarantees the optimal solution. Sulzer helps to minimize downtime and extend the lifetime of machinery. Based on operational priorities customers have requirements to modify and upgrade existing equipment. The company ensures that equipment is repaired to exact or improved standards and specifications.

Sulzer offers services for mining industry equipment such as high voltage and low voltage AC and DC motors, sag mill and ball mill motors, explosion proof motors, underground mining motors, alternators, generators, gearboxes, transformers, drag line motors and generators, shovel motors and generators, haul truck, grader, dozer and scraper traction motors, alternators and auxiliary motors, automated Voltage Regulators (AVR) and prep plants, crushing and conveying.

With about 150 locations worldwide Sulzer is close to its customers with high-quality local service.

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