Miners save money and minimise downtime with acclaimed front end loader and forklift scales

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 25 Sep 2013   Posted by admin

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ACCURATE ore weight data is critical for all steps of the mining process as cost-conscious companies search for optimal vehicle performance, safety and overall operational efficiency.

Whether a front end loader or excavator is loading a dump truck, four trailer road-trains, multiple rail wagons, semi tippers or ore crushing systems, knowing the weight of the ore being handled is crucial in today’s mining environments.

WA family-owned company Instant Weighing has distributed and serviced the acclaimed Compuload series of front end loader and forklift scales throughout Australia for more than a decade.

The company has helped mining companies, government, farming and transport industries to achieve their production goals with ultimate throughput control, by minimising premature wear damages caused by overloads and inefficiency caused by under loads.
Compuload’s two software programs – vehicle loading or batching –have been developed to provide weight data in suitable and informative formats.

Regular upgrades to Compuload software and components ensure that the systems keep pace with current technology while maintaining their easy-to-use features essential to both operators and management.

Customers using the Compuload front end loader scales and the COBO 3B6 excavator scales capture weight data – either as a hardcopy printout or downloaded in a spreadsheet format – allowing them to reconcile output data and giving them throughput control.

9 tonne of masses

All data is date and time sequenced, and can be matched against aggregate type, vehicle or wagon I.D. and other important information.

The Compuload front end loader scales can be supplied either as a Trade Approved or as a Non Trade Approved scale, depending on the clients’ requirements and the application that the scale is being used for. Trade Approved front end scales can legally be used in lieu of a verified weighbridge.

The purpose-designed COBO 3B6 I-View excavator scale accurately measures each bucket load in a dynamic environment, ensuring that trucks are loaded within the legal limits but at maximum capacity to maximise productivity.

The I-View system has the market-leading ability to handle multiple materials, even on the same load, with the push of a button. It also stores multiple machine users, clients and truck details that can all be accessed quickly through and onscreen menu. With inbuilt data logging, print features and optional GSM data transfer via the COBO Internet View (CIV) System the COBO I-View can be tailored to suit individual client needs and is ideal for productivity and load cycle tracking.

Instant Weighing also supplies GKD Technik’s range of excavator monitoring technology. Suitable for loading machines operating in restricted conditions, Height Limiting Systems (1HLI) allow machine operators to define a pre-set limit of the machines boom, preventing movement of the boom outside of the pre-set limit.

The SlewGuard slew limiting system allows the machine operator to quickly and easily set left and right slew limits, and this then restricts the machine to working within the permitted slew sector.

The Total Moment Indicator (1TMI) load control system monitors the load movement status as the machine is lifting a load, alerting the operator of potential overloading, as the lifting unit approaches its maximum lifting capacity.

When excavators are being used as a crane the Rated Capacity Indicator (2RCI) can be fitted to either a single or two-piece boom machine, with additional benefits including digging depth indicator and height limiting systems.

With adjustable setting ranging from 3 metres and 10 metres, SiteGuard is a proximity warning system that alerts the operator when personnel move within dangerous proximity of the operating machine.

Instant Weighing provide a full technical and after sales service for each customers peace of mind. The company’s in-house technical staff are registered as Approved Persons under the Federal Government National Measurement Institute (NMI). Interested parties are encouraged to call
1800 357 315 or visit www.instantweighing.com.au.