New model of gauge provides benefits and simple usage

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 13 Jan 2014   Posted by admin

ACCORDING to Ross Brown Sales, the AMETEK US Gauge SOLFRUNT Model 1981 Advantage provides users with a dampened movement option that has many of the benefits of a liquid-filled gauge, without the need to periodically fill or replace liquid.

The SOLFRUNT Model 1981 Advantage incorporates a unique self-contained movement dampening capsule that minimises the effects of shock and vibration in demanding applications. Both the SOLFRUNT Model 1981 and the 1981 Advantage – which is available either dry or liquid-filled – are 4.5 inch process pressure gauges with 316L stainless steel wetted surfaces and a seamless bourdon tube design.

These models have PET turret-style cases that provide superior impact strength and resistance to a broad range of chemicals, making them ideal for chemical and petrochemical processing applications.

SOLFRUNT Model 1981 and Advantage gauges are supplied in 30 vacuum, compound and pressure ranges from 30 inches mercury vacuum through to 11,600 pounds per square inch (80,000 kPa).

The gauges’ low-connected turret case can be easily filled using an appropriate conversion kit – a task that can be performed by the team at Ross Brown Sales.

The conversion kit’s E-Z Fill design allows for field filling without special tools, and span adjustments on both models can be accomplished from the rear of the gauges’ cases without disturbing internals.

SOLFRUNT gauges are backed by the Ametek US Gauge’s 100 years of experience in process management and are competitively priced and available in Australia from Ross Brown Sales.

Complementing the 1981 series, Ross Brown Sales also provides pressure measurement instrumentation from Baumer Technologies India, a contracted supplier of pressure and temperature instrumentation to many oil and gas companies, including Kuwait Oil Company.

The staff at Ross Brown Sales is committed to providing quality products and services for all clients.

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