New scanning system delivering improved belt monitoring

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 09 Aug 2012   Posted by admin

A new system that detects belt damage and breaks in the steel cords of conveyor belts was recently introduced to themarket by Veyance Engineered Products.
Known as Cord Guard, the scanning system enables continuous monitoring in real time and delivers a report that is easily understood and accurately interpreted.
Earlier scanning procedures produced a report as a wave form graph line that could be left open to interpretation.
The new system, however, produces a coloured image that easily enables accurate belt assessment and leaves no doubt about whether a belt requires maintenance or repairs.
The technology also allows for accurate planning of belt changes and dates for repairs and maintenance.
The Veyance system has the advantage of monitoring belt speed with a laser scanner placed up to 2m away from the moving belt.
Then, with speed data, the system can scan the belt for damage. This saves a costly isolation process – stopping the whole conveyor system – to fix a conventional speed indicator inside the conveyor structure.
According to Veyance, the new system will maximise productivity by finding problems quickly.

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