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 22 Aug 2014   Posted by admin

BREVINI Australia first cut its teeth in the mining industry in 1993 with planetary gear units from their principals in Italy, Brevini Riduttori. Before the latter began operations in 1960, these gear units were exclusively used in mobile applications. Brevini took the concept to wider use and applications.

The company specialises in the application of gearboxes with hydraulic and AC drive technology to low speed, high torque equipment. Its reducers are particularly suited to thickener, agitator, mixer, feeders, conveyors, inching, long travel and slewing drives.

In 2002, Brevini purchased PIV Drives, the German bevel/helical and helical gearbox manufacturer that has been operating since 1928. The addition to the group of the compact PIV posiplan, bevel/ planetary/ helical gearboxes, now allows Brevini to meet most of the mining applications found around the world.

With the introduction of PIV Brevini helical gearing to the local market, Brevini Australia has become one of the main suppliers to the major mining companies of conveyor drive systems. Relying on its engineering team, Brevini design the bases in-house and assemble drives either in their facility in Perth or Sydney.

The extensive Brevini Australia product range also includes winches and hydraulics from the Brevini group of companies. Brevini carries standard winches up to 66 kN and design special winches to meet specific customer needs.

As well, Brevini Fluid Power, part of the Brevini Group, has a complete range of pumps, motors, and proportional valves.

Brevini Australia carries an extensive stock of gear modules from the Brevini Power Transmission group of manufacturers. To this, the company adds value through Australian design and manufacture of housing, shafts and bearings, as well as design and manufacture of full systems, including turnkey projects—putting themselves forward as a one-stop source for power transmission solutions.

The company’s gear units are rated in accordance with ISO/DIN standards for continuous duty and its engineers are able to calculate application specific gear and bearings life for all standard and special composition units.

Brevini Service, an operational division of Brevini Australia, was set up in 2005 to ensure Brevini’s customers receive the same level of quality in service as they do on the original purchase. The division offers service in both their Perth and Sydney facilities. Brevini Service makes sure the customer’s gearbox is returned only after having met all the OEM settings and specifications as originally supplied.

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