Polysource: Ground Mats Australian Made

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 13 Feb 2014   Posted by admin

FOR more than 30 years, engineering plastic professionals PolySource has been supplying Australia with a wide range of safety and engineering polymer products.

PolySource provides products and services to numerous industries, including mining, construction, transport, agribusiness electrical, food, health, manufacturing, materials, handling, packaging and water.

The company has a passion for the environment and is proud of its technical expertise and vast product range which enables it to provide customers with all the right products, from the one supplier.

One product PolySource is particularly proud of is the Polytrac Bog mat range. Also known as “The Great Aussie Bog Mat” it’s designed to allow instant temporary road access and rescue vehicles from difficult terrain.

Made from recycled plastic materials and specially designed for unpredictable ground conditions, the mats are customisable and available direct to the public. The mat is available in a variety of sizes and is able to withstand up to 200t. The mats were designed for exploration, drilling, mining, construction and event contractors working with environmental requirements. They are also helpful in preventing environmental degradation on mining and construction sites.

For more information visit www.polysource.com.au